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Kerala Zika virus Dashboard

This Dashboard provides updates on Zika virus cases from the outbreak in Kerala in 2021. The data is updated from news and public resources. This is a community-driven dashboard and has been contributed by volunteers.
Location Data | Browseable Data on Google Maps

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for prioritizing Zika virus inhibitors

This programme uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence prospecting for molecules which are potential zika virus inhibitors.

Project Lead : Dr UCA Jaleel (Open Source Pharma Foundation) Contributors: Ms Aastha V (CSIR-IGIB)

Open Data and LabNotebook: GitHub

Genomics and Genetic Epidemiology of Zika virus

The Zikavirus phylogenetic map provides insights into the genomic diversity of zika virus in India and across the globe.

Project Contributors: Ms Afra Shamnath and Ms Bani Jolly (CSIR-IGIB)

Access the Zika virus Timetree

Molecular Diagnostics for Zika virus

This programme provides an updated resources on molecular diagnostics for zika virus from published literature and information in public domain

Project Lead: Abhinav Jain (CSIR-IGIB)

Access the project Data : Webpage | CSV File


EpidemicWatch is a citizen science initiative to identify potential outbreaks and track ongoing outbreaks in Kerala. The approach uses social media , crowd intelligence and analytics to understand outbreaks in Kerala

Project Lead: Dr UCA Jaleel (Open Source Pharma Foundation)

Access the EpidemicWatch page