EpidemicWatch is a citizen science initiative to track and trace outbreaks of infectious diseases. 

The initiative extensively relies on a volunteer pool for reporting outbreaks and extensively uses crowd intelligence, informatics and analytics tools to track , analyse and report outbreaks.  

Talk Series

EpidemicWatch Talk series brings experts in Clinical Sciences, Epidemiology and Genomics of Emerging Infectious Diseases to discuss locally relevant diseases in India

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Groups of Interest

The following groups enable discussion as well as participation in the initiative.

Interested volunteers may join the Epidemic Watch Kerala Group.


This section provides the information and data resources for tracking outbreaks and risk assessment.

The resources are contributed by volunteers and available in Open Source

Partner: Open Source Pharma Foundation

The Open Source Pharma Foundation is a global non-profit organization seeking to discover new drugs, and a new way to discover drugs by leveraging exponential advances in computing power and collaborative technologies; alternative approaches to intellectual property; and the vast reach of the generics industry.