Ongoing Projects


Historical data on outbreaks, progression of epidemics in Kerala. - Observatory for Communicable Disease Outbreaks

Resources on demographics, facilities, and mapping of outbreaks and progression of outbreaks.

Social Media for tracking epidemics :

Using public data on social media Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a source of outbreak response using data and sentiment analysis.

Tracking misinformation on social media.

AI/ML approaches for predicting outbreaks building on historical data and demographics.

Development of key data resources for annotation of genetic variants in pathogen genomes from published literature and public data resources

FAVICOV is a comprehensive resource for functionally relevant SARS-CoV genetic variants. The resource provides a searchable interface for genomic variants and corresponding variant annotations. VOLUNTEERS: Mercy Rophina, Kavita Pandhare, Mohit Mangla, Afra Shamnath, Bani Jolly, Mokshada Sethi Read more:

Visualisation and analytics for pathogen genomes and genetic epidemiology of pathogens

COVID19 Kerala PhyloVisVOLUNTEERS : Bani Jolly

Science outreach and communication

Promoting participation in research studies, promoting and enabling long term followup of patients in research programmes.