Kerala Dengue Map


Kerala Dengue map is an initiative to compile geolocations of Dengue cases reported in Kerala and reported from official sources.


As part of this project, we are creating a spatio-temporal map of cases and aid evidence based policy and planning efforts in Kerala. This would also enable mapping of hotspots for dengue and also aid in understanding the regional and temporal risks for other shared vector-borne diseases including Zika in the state.


The data is compiled from official sources and the geo-locations have been tagged manually. The data was derived from the daily bulletins from the Kerala Department of Health Services.


The team encompasses of volunteers who have interests in Data Sciences and Analytics and are part of the KAISER initiative.

The current team:

Meghna Joseph and Mrinal Murali, who are Medical graduates from Thiruvananthapuram

Using this Data

All data is licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA with the understanding that the data would be widely reused for research and developmental activities.


Research updates from the data would be available on this page